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Tensile Fabric Structure Manufacturers, Supplier in Delhi, Tensile Fabric Structure in Delhi, Tensile Fabric Structure at Best Price in Delhi. A tension fabric structure (a.k.a. tension membrane structure or tensile structure) is an innovative anticlastic form of construction characterized by tensioned fabric or flexible membrane material that's supported by cables, structural steel members, and foundations. This tensioned fabric system creates permanent or temporary canopy structures that are ideal for a wide range of purposes, including facilities for public assembly, temporary event structures, modular industrial construction, and landscape artwork.

Designed by a design/build approach, tension structures utilize a variety of architectural fabric membranes, a combination of catenary, ridge or valley, or radial cables, clamping systems, and structural steel support members to create proportionally lightweight structures capable of spanning great distances. Depending on the design and loading criteria, the result is often a visually exciting and signature option for a very functional structure.

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