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PVC Tirpal Manufacturers, Supplier in Delhi, PVC Tirpal in Delhi, PVC Tirpal at Best Price in Delhi. Our firm tend to provide an extensive array of various products which satisfying the needs of the customers as per their requirements such as the PVC Coated Tirpal. We tend to offer high quality of PVC coated tripal for its good flexibility, excellent tensile strength and tear strength. We provide high quality PVC Coated Tripal and these are coated with PVC on both sides with Polyester as base fabric. PVC tripal material has been widely used as awnings, truck cover, tents, banners, inflatable products, adumbral materials for building facility and house. We have one of the most modern manufacturing units for manufacturing the PVC coated fabrics in the country. We use highly modern and sophisticated machinery to manufacture PVC coated fabrics along with various tents and tarpaulins in India. It has a good stability of viscosity. It is washable, flame retardant and is much stronger than uncoated fabrics. The surface can be finished with a specific texture such as leather, or it is left smooth with no texture at all. It is sometimes also embossed in imitation of leather.

We are one of the well known manufacturer of these products which we offer are light weight and have high strength. We offer superior quality of PVC Coated Tripal at the market leading prices in India.

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